Necro Corp is an Earth-Based Music Corporation

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Necro Corp Popup Events™

Necro Corp Popup Events are live music and entertainment events performed by the Necro Corp executive management team and other affiliate music acts.

Have the night of your life while learning of all that Necro Corp has to offer.


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Enjoy these samplings of the musical entertainment provided at our events!

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Herbert W. - Denver CO, Earth

Necro Corp puts on a show like no other! I can honestly say my life was changed by the experience!

Titus C. - Fort Collins, CO, Earth

Necro Corp is the gold standard in live musical entertainment.

Henry A. - Na'morha, Yuggoth

An epic spectacle and experience sure to delight and entertain any and all sentient entities.

Cthylla - R'lyeth, Earth

The quality of musical entertainment provided by Necro Corp is of such a caliber that we have forgiven their CEO for his previous crimes against our people.